Industries We Serve

Payroll Pros is your trusted partner in payroll solutions for various industries. Our expertise extends to a diverse spectrum of businesses, and we pride ourselves on simplifying and optimizing payroll processes.  

Our wide range of integrated solutions are designed to accommodate small- to medium-sized employers. Our team understands the distinct payroll challenges and compliance requirements within each industry, allowing your business to focus on your core operation while we provide accurate and compliant payroll management. 

Here's a glimpse of how we serve various sectors: 

Bottles in a manufacturing line.


 We simplify the complex payroll processes in the manufacturing industry, ensuring accurate and timely payment for employees with various shifts, bonuses, and overtime. We also handle compliance with labor laws and tax regulations unique to the manufacturing sector. 

Healthcare workers standing in a line.


Our team manages the payroll needs of healthcare providers, including doctors, nurses, and administrative staff. We use our experience and expertise to master the complexities of healthcare payroll, such as shift differentials, certifications, and compliance with healthcare regulations. 

Chefs cooking in a kitchen.


We help restaurants streamline payroll for their diverse workforce, which includes servers, cooks, and support staff. We manage tips and minimum wage requirements and ensure compliance with labor laws specific to the food service industry. 

Two professional individuals reviewing a document.

Professional Services 

Our payroll expertise for professional service firms, such as law, consulting, or accounting, focuses on time tracking and billing integration, managing partner distributions, and addressing specific compensation structures within these industries.

Three construction workers review blueprints and a laptop.


Our services for the construction sector address the unique challenges of managing temporary and seasonal labor, certified payroll reporting, and compliance with prevailing wage requirements, ensuring contractors can focus on their projects instead of financial stress. 

An individual stacking blocks.


We offer solutions tailored specifically to the franchise business model, accommodating multiple locations, varying pay rates, and compliance with franchise-specific employment regulations. 

View of a large warehouse.


Our team of payroll professionals assists wholesalers in managing payroll for employees responsible for inventory management, sales, and logistics. We handle commission-based pay structures and ensure compliance with wage laws applicable to wholesalers. 

A student raising his hand in a classroom.


Our services for the education sector manage payroll for educators, administrators, and support staff. We handle unique needs like school calendar pay schedules and compliance with state and federal regulations in the education field. 

Volunteers prepping donation boxes.


We address the specific requirements of non-profit organizations, including managing grant-funded positions, volunteer compensation, and compliance with non-profit payroll laws and reporting. 

An array of fruits and vegetables at a grocery store.

Grocery/Independent Convenience Stores 

Our services for these retail establishments include considering hourly wage rates, overtime, and tips for employees, ensuring compliance with labor laws specific to the retail industry while addressing each store's unique needs. 


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