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I can’t say enough great things about Payroll Pros! We had been processing our own payroll until 2013, we had used another company for a few months but we were very unhappy with them. Then we were introduced to Larry and his staff at Payroll Pros and it was the best decision we could have ever made. Having Payroll Pros take care of our payroll has taken ALL the worries away that come along with it.  I Love everything about this company and Larry and his staff are truly awesome to work with.  Thank you Payroll Pros for all that you do!

Lori Baird, HR Manager
Baird Brothers Fine Hardwoods

When we were shopping for a new payroll vendor, Payroll Pros was a last minute recommendation that we had never heard of. In a very short period of time they walked us through several demos and answered countless questions in a detailed and timely manner. They made sure we understood everything about the implementation process, and presented a very reasonable quote tailor made for our specific needs. Payroll Pros has continued to exhibit the same high level of communication throughout the past two years, and has the highest level of customer care that I have ever been exposed to. I can’t tell you how glad I am that we chose to work with Payroll Pros: after years of frustration dealing with ADP and Paychex, it’s nice to have a vendor that actually delivers on its promises and can meet my requests in a friendly, fast, and accurate manner. We are very happy with Payroll Pros!

Carol Whetzel, SPHR, Human Resource Manager
Energy Products, Inc.

The pro-bono service Payroll Pros has offered Grow Youngstown has had immeasurable value.  They handle our full-time and part-time employee payroll answer questions and provide documentation whenever we need it in a very timely manner.  While we are likely much smaller than the majority of their clients we have always received great care from them.  They have really gone out of their way to exemplify the importance of giving back to our community.   We recommend them without reservation.  They are wonderful.

Elsa Higby, Director
Grow Youngstown

Payroll Pros have been our payroll processor since Jan 1, 2008 and with out any hesitation I can say they have done an outstanding job. We process approximately 450 employees bi-weekly through 2 different companies with 12 divisions and up to 6 different departments. Some employees work in both companies some in multiple divisions and or departments. Payroll Pros have been able to handle every situation we had come up, in a very timely and efficient manner. Their service has always been on time and they have always done everything we asked and everything they said they would do. We have been very satisfied with their service.

Rich Yager, Payroll Administrator
Nemenz Food Stores 

Payroll Pros is the best payroll company that I have used in the 22 years of my career. The reports I receive are complete and easy to read. Their customer service exceeds my expectations, and far exceeds what is standard in the business community. The work product has consistently been accurate and timely, and the entire staff has always been friendly and professional. With all of the above being said, the most impressive quality of Payroll Pros is their genuine desire to satisfy the needs of, and help their clients. This starts with the owner, and is clearly reflected throughout the entire organization. From special reports needed for my company, to assistance in business development, to other options or opportunities to help my business continue to succeed. Payroll Pros is one of the few companies I have ever dealt with that truly acts as a partner.

I highly recommend Payroll Pros.

Timothy A Chesney, President
MSTC Devlopment

I have used several different payroll services over the last 18 years and Payroll Pros is the best. The staff is very knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. I would highly recommend them to other corporations in search of payroll services.

Marianna Hamidi
Berlin Industries, Inc. / Perfecta Products, Inc.

I have been using Payroll Pros since 2006. Initially, I was somewhat reluctant to switch to a payroll company. I had been doing payroll in-house and I didn’t see the need to send it out when I could do it myself. Honestly, it was one of the best decisions I have made. I no longer worry about processing payroll, making timely tax deposits, doing quarterly tax returns or year-end processing; Payroll Pros does it all for me. It allows me to forget about payroll completely. All I have to do is send them our hours, and the rest is up to them.

I have used other payroll companies in the past – but I feel that the services provided by Payroll Pros qualify them as the best company I have used, by far.

Lorraine Ellis, Office Manager
George G. Ellis, Jr., M.D., Inc.

When my accountant (and friend for the past 30 years) asked me to join Payroll Pros, I hesitated. As a small business owner, constantly struggling with cash flow problems, I did not want to add any further costs to my bottom line. So every quarter I lost sleep over how I was going to cover payroll taxes. Finally, Larry convinced me that a payroll service would help me better manage my cash flow, and he was right! The ease of it, and the peace of mind I get from knowing that professionals are handling my payroll headache, are well worth the modest amount I pay. Also, I really appreciate the personal touches–Karen will email me a reminder if I forget to send her my payroll hours (she knows I hate phone calls).

Many entrepreneurs like my husband and myself are not numbers people so having a great accountant and a professional payroll service is crucial to our business. It leaves us free to do what we do best: manage our cafe and roast the best coffee in the Valley.

Patricia Tinkler, Owner
Friends Roastery

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